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Martinez Releasee Smashes Car Windows To Break Back Into Jail Monday

Martinez Detention Facility

An Antioch woman released from the Martinez Detention Facility after being brought there on a vandalism charge apparently wasted no time ensuring a stated desire to return to jail Monday – attacking cars in the MDF main parking lot and resisting deputies who ran to stop her.

Deputies said 35-year-old Chelsy Ginochio of Antioch was at the jail for an earlier vandalism charge stemming from a stone-throwing assault on several cars and a hospital door. Upon her release early Monday morning, Ginochio allegedly walked into the facility parking lot and began to smash the front and rear windows of several cars, scratching glass and breaking windshield wipers.

A deputy sheriff arriving for work was alerted by the sound of smashing car windows and notified the MDF duty sergeant, who in turn sent deputies out to restrain Ginochio – who allegedly vented her anger and frustration on them. One deputy suffered a knee injury during the altercation, according to the sheriff’s office, and five cars were found to have been damaged.

Ginochio, who had allegedly stated that she wanted to go to jail during her first contact with police got her wish Monday after she was returned to MDF on vandalism and probation violation charges.

Her bail has been set at $20,000.



  1. Sadly, there are people who are more comfortable in jail and prison. They can’t “make it” in society. Maybe she’s one of them…

  2. Hilarious how television portrayed this as a homeless person willing to do anything to stay out of the cold instead of what it is. No less sad but a reason to stop watcing TV

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