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ATM Strongarm Suspect Identified, Arrested Thursday

Photo: File from previous ATM crime. Orinda PD

A Vallejo man has been arrested in connection with a string of strongarm robberies at local ATMs, including one in which he allegedly shoved an 82-year-old man aside at a Pleasant Hill ATM to take over his banking transaction.

Robert Ramos, 29, has been named by police as the man responsible for a Dec. 11 incident at a Bank of America branch at 2178 Contra Costa Boulevard.

Investigators say Ramos pushed the man aside as he was in the middle of a transaction, withdrawing money from the victim’s account as he stood by.

Pleasant Hill detectives collaborated with investigators from other agencies and determined that Ramos may have been involved in similar incidents in at least six other cities, according to police.

Walnut Creek police identified Ramos, and Pleasant Hill police arrested him on Thursday.

He was booked into Martinez Detention Facility and is being held on $225,000 bail.


  1. This guy looks scary. I stopped using ATMs about a year ago, and it’s one of the wiser decisions I’ve made. Cash back at the bank or grocery store will do for me…

  2. Nice thought Danielle, I travel a lot in my work so plan most of my ATM trips before I get on or off a plane within the SFO/OAK concourses after going through security these days. I figured a thief is too busy to catch his flight and pretty much eliminates someone off the street simply strolling over and be a thug like this guy.

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