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Moraga Crime Logs: Naughty Nanny; Magazine Men; and Happy Hypothermia


If you were in town and following us from here or afar this Holiday Week you know Moraga kept up its reputation for keeping things interesting despite a widespread evacuation for the ski slopes or balmier climes.

Those who stayed in town found ways to keep themselves occupied – for better or for worse.

Here’s a breakdown of incidents reported to and recorded by Moraga PD through the Holiday:

Christmas Eve Mailbox Surfing

As we first reported on our Facebook page Christmas Eve, it appears someone considered a “cluster” mailbox serving residents in the area of Bollinger Canyon Rd. and Valley Hill Dr. a centralized collection point and apparently took a pry bar to the boxes, causing an estimated $4,000 damage in the process. It was not known what the mail raider made off with.

Christmas Eve Gift Cards

It’s a time of giving, of course, but a visitor contacted at the Moraga Safeway store on Christmas Eve appeared to be giving to herself – using someone else’s credit card to purchase some $800 worth of gift cards – ostensibly not for the nieces and nephews. Officers were denied credible identification so the visitor was given Christmas Day in jail to remember her name.

Ringing In Christmas… With A Bang, Bang, Bang

About a dozen folks reported a flurry of gunshots shortly after midnight on Christmas Day, the origin apparently south of town and apparently from a semi-automatic rifle, according to police. Officers checked the area and notified adjacent jurisdictions, but the source of the salute remained undetermined.

“I Know I Look 28 But Wanna Buy Some Magazines For My High School Team?”

Officers were sent out to Camino Ricardo on Dec. 28 after residents there reported two individuals peddling magazine subscriptions door to door. One person was contacted and cited after it was determined he was soliciting without the required permits.

Mary Poppins, She Isn’t…

On New Years Eve officers were sent to an undisclosed location in town to speak with an “unwanted guest” apparently occupying the attached rental unit of a local home. Officers made contact with the person and were told she was the nanny for a tenant recently removed from the residence by court order. Police said the nanny refused to obey their commands and reportedly assaulted the officers. She was later determined to be in possession of a controlled substance and was booked in county jail on suspicion of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and possession.

“I’ll Walk Until My Head Clears, Or My Feet Freeze Up…”

A New Year is reason to party, but locals on Eileen Court dialed up the PD after their adult friend left a celebratory gathering about 3:30 a.m. and could not be reached by cell phone. Search parties were launched and the man’s pals located him about a half mile away from the party house – but not before he’d apparently fallen and had been exposed to sub-freezing temperatures for more than an hour while wearing only t-shirt and jeans. He declined medical treatment and was released to his friends.

“Buying Things Is So Much More Fun When You Use Someone Else’s Money…”

The current trend toward fraud through identity theft continues unabated, apparently, after a local woman approached police and told them someone had used her credit information to open an account and rack up some $40,000 in purchases without her immediate knowledge. The victim also told police the emboldened thief or thieves had also attempted to open three more accounts in her name before she had them shut down. Police are investigating.


  1. For secure communications, I always rely on Terrier Pigeons (c). Not even the NSA will touch that. Got a problem with debt collectors? Terrier Pigeons (c) is your answer.
    Keeping it classy in Moraga.

  2. In situations like this, I ask myself: “What would Li’l Bill do?” if a magazine salesman just rode past the “NO SOLICITING” sign, bold as the new day, right into Big Whiskey?

  3. Wow! I could submit a deck of cards in 1971 to the computer center at Cal and discover within 24 hours that I had a syntax error and needed to resubmit my “job”. Now that was 20th century turnaround. Can you match that?

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