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A Force Awakened: Danville PD Announces Plan To Combat Recent Property Crime


Stung by a flurry of residential burglaries over the New Years Weekend, Danville police Monday announced plans to catch the “kick-in” burglars behind the crimes.

“This level of property crime will not be tolerated,” Chief Steve Simpkins said. “We will be doing everything we can to catch these criminals and bring this situation to an end.”

The DPD is working to overcome the increase in crime through several methods, some of which were outlined in an earlier story published over the weekend. Extra police patrols have been added during peak periods in which crimes have been reported and the department has also temporarily reallocated officers to work solely on property crimes.

Simpkins said his department is also exploring the use of high tech solutions, such as license plate recognition cameras currently in use with effect by neighboring jurisdictions in Lafayette and Orinda.

“It is increasingly important for residents to keep their eyes open in their neighborhoods. Work together, watch out for one another, and if you see something that seems out of place, contact us immediately,” Simpkins said.

Police have characterized some of the latest break-ins as “Kick-in” burglaries, with thieves approaching a home – often under the pretense of asking for directions – and then kicking in a door to the residence if no one is home.

Investigators said the thieves, once inside, quickly grab any small valuables that can be easily removed and leave the area. Simpkins and other local chiefs have been attempting to spread the word about these particular crimes.

“We have had residents tell us they were hesitant to call because they weren’t sure whether they were seeing something criminal,” Simpkins stated. “We would rather you call. If you see something, say something. We would rather get the call and check it out than take the chance of letting the bad guys get away.”

Another way residents can work in partnership with the police is by registering home camera systems with the Danville Police, Simpkins said. If a crime occurs in a neighborhood where there is a registered system, police can examine the footage to look for possible suspects.

Residents can form Neighborhood Watch groups and, when going out of Town, request Vacation Home Checks from the Danville Police Department.


  1. Security screen doors can’t be “kicked-in.” It’s the only thing that will prevent a kick-in robbery. Stay safe in Danville…

  2. I’m sorry. If I see anything Wookie or Princess, I am calling the constables on patrol. Let them sort it out. I am a tolerant man…every Halloween’s eve.

  3. To Shelly (News 24/680 Facebook)
    I agree with you 100% Some of us have thought of a door that can’t be “kicked-in.” Unfortunately, we’re in the minority.

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