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Martinez Police Catch Reliez Valley Mail Thieves “Red Handed”

Photo: Martinez PD

In the ongoing and difficult battle against those stealing mail and packages from mailboxes and porches across Contra Costa County there was a small victory overnight as Martinez police announced the arrest of two suspected criminals reportedly at work in the Reliez Valley area.

Martinez police said residents contacted them around 11:24 p.m. Saturday, citizens giving descriptions of two people allegedly mining mailboxes in the Eagle Nest area. Police found one in the Tavan Estates area and the other walking along Reliez Valley Rd., with officers recovering several pieces of mail and other items.

NEWS24/680 has gotten multiple calls of several cars and different “crews” working that area and others and police have been busy attempting to find and catch them. Apparently, they were successful.

The photo is of pilfered mail pieces, obviously containing the sort of information of value to identity thieves these days.


  1. Thankfully there’s no delivery on Sunday. I’m losing weight running back and forth taking in packages. Maybe that’s the good thing coming out of this. Who is this latest one and where is he from???

  2. Thank you Martinez PD! I don’t have any weight to lose, and I’ve expressed my “concerns” on how to fight this in previous posts, so I’m just thankful they were caught!

  3. There’s about 6 months of tangled financial problems for someone sitting there. Nice job police. Where did they catch him?

  4. Thank you Jesus! They have reeked havoc in many lives..gotta love alert citizens and our MPD for responding!
    Merry Christmas !??

  5. Gotta love alert citizens and our MPD for responding! These people wreak havoc in many lives..Hopefully our boxes are safe for awhile!
    Thank you MPD OFFICERS, Merry Christmas!

  6. Nice to see the good guys win one for a change. I was beginning to wonder if it was a lost cause.

  7. It has got to be hard to catch these people and it is very nice to see neighbors and police cooperating in this way. Identitiy theft is reaching epidemic proportions and this mail theft supports it.

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