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Why People Come Here To Rob Us…

Photo: Amanda Ferguson

The attached photo came to us courtesy of a reader who spotted this tantalizing target in plain view today.

We keep writing about spiking package thefts and car burglaries and people seem to be taking us seriously, especially after it happens to them.

Our towns and cities have mounted whole campaigns to increase public awareness – but it is clear we have some work to do…


  1. You either “get it” or you don’t. It’s not too late to get a locking mailbox for Christmas, but you might have to overnight it. And about those packages? That can easily be avoided too. Tracking numbers. Ladies, if you don’t want to carry a purse, don’t. I don’t know what the problem is hanging it over your shoulder. If it’s too heavy, clean it out. They have really cute wristlets out too. Merry Christmas!

  2. Entitled Lexus driver thinks no one would dare touch my stuff. My personal rule of purses, never carry anything bigger than your butt. Maybe stealing it would do her a favor. A one way ticket to get a clue land? Too much to hope for.

  3. Sad that people are derided for implicitly assuming that they and their property are safe and secure in and around their homes. It used to be a mark of community pride (here and elsewhere) that “no one locks their doors around here.” Now your an idiot if you “tempt” crooks with nice things. Sigh.

    I get the pragmatism, but am troubled by increasing fortress mentality. In addition to “raising awareness” of the methods of our visitor-thieves, maybe we should focus on the root causes of crime.

  4. You should run that video of the woman who loses her purse to a thief during lunch. That was pretty eye opening. And the purse was hanging over the back of her chair — not sitting in her car in the parking lot.

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