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San Ramon Police Arrest Transient In Elementary School Restroom

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As reported earlier in the day on this site’s Facebook page, San Ramon police responded to a call for assistance from officials at Walt Disney Elementary after a man allegedly entered a girl’s bathroom on school grounds.

Officers arrested Edward James Montez, 34, described as a local transient, after Montez allegedly walked onto school grounds and into the restroom at 11:45 a.m. Monday.

Montez was detained for disrupting school/pupils but does not appear to have any any verbal or physical contact with students, police said. He was subsequently arrested and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for disrupting school/pupil and a probation violation.


    • Being human ourselves we understand full well the basic needs that drive us. However, as we pointed out, this gentleman appears to have taken up residence in one of the stalls and that was of concern to school officials and to police.

  1. He entered the girl’s restroom! What part of men don’t belong in the ladies room don’t you understand? If men need to use the restroom, they can use the men’s room. Or elsewhere. Being naïve when it comes to children is DANGEROUS! Is he a pedophile?

    • Often its a case of someone who is “living rough” (think about it, camping out these nights) needing some running water and conveniences. BUT, yes, it was unwise to choose the girl’s restroom at an elementary school.

  2. I offer no shelter to pedofiles, but do give weight to the “living rough” scenario mentioned. Let’s see what actions were actually taken before we draw conclusions. What is this person actually accused of DOing? Was he stalking? The article is unclear on that point. I agree that stalking is bad, but what actually happened? What does no “verbal or physical contact mean”? That doesn’t sound like stalking. What actually happened?

  3. He wasn’t taking up residence in a stall. He was in there cleaning him self up. It also appeared he used the boys bsthroom first, but ran out of paper towels.

    He made his way in during a fire drill. The police were notified, the school went on lock down and the police were there the rest of the day.

  4. I took the post to mean that he was spending a long time in there — rather than actually moving in. And of course you would not want a grown man in a bathroom meant for elementary school age girls.

  5. It doesn’t matter “why” he was in there. The bottom line is he doesn’t belong there, and a man in a girl’s restroom is a serious threat to young girls. If he ran out of paper towels, so what? Get the heck out of the girl’s bathroom. I hope some of you (names withheld) aren’t parents. If so, you’re failing your children with your ignorance and excuses.

  6. I think it’s safe to say everyone agrees he shouldn’t have been in there, but some were urging some leeway. I believe every county should have some pods which are on the market available for use by homeless people. Just basic shelter and you can’t stay forever, but it would help get people in off the street and out of the cold.

  7. I HAVE A DAUGHTER, and I understand the threat, and it does matter WHY he was in there. Did you NOT see the movie To Kill a Mocking Bird? The persons who do not fit in…they are not always what you need to fear. Evaluate his actions, don’t presume them. Was he stalking or simply cleaning himself up? Even in the wrong restroom, there is a BIG difference.

  8. I couldn’t make it onto our kids school grounds without school officials pouncing and asking for id in the early years so it does come as a surprise that this man was able to make it onto school grounds and into two restrooms. BUT it also seems as though they were aware of his presence and notified police quickly — which is the only thing you can do. I would imagine they also took steps to keep kids from using the restrooms while he was there. Judging from the usual cautious wording from police it sounds like this person has a past we just don’t know if it’s for drugs or what. I also appreciated the previous posters comments about finding suitable housing for the chronically homeless — but seeing the rampant nimbyism in this area I don’t know where they would put such shelter.

  9. We can discuss what services the homeless should have. But elemenary schools are not homeless shelters and the students and teachers are not prepared to deal with such. I agree with those who would offer zero tolerance except in case he was there to call 911 for some emergency. It says he was a local transient, so he knew Athans Downs park was a short walk away and he could have used that. He chose not to.

  10. Some of these comments are ridiculous. “Don’t assume the worst when you find a man in an elementary school girls bathroom” OMG! This is/was a recipe for disaster. My kid goes to this school. I wouldn’t even think about using an elementary schools bathroom while school is in session for obvious reasons. Further another parent I know confirmed that their daughter did have verbal contact with the person. The police did not mention that and are glossing over that he is a convicted felon. As others pointed out there are numerous other options for using a toilet or bathroom that are perfectly suitable and legal. For those who seem more concerned about this mans needs verses what he did you can take solace in that he is being well cared for in the county jail thank god!

  11. Note to Mr. News:
    I’m reminded of the song Ten Little Monkeys:

    There were TEN monkeys in the bed, and the little one said,
    “Roll over, roll over.”
    So they all rolled over and one fell out

    and so on. With the next story to hit the headlines, this story will fall out of bed and end up on the carpet of the quickly forgotten as if in a thick shag rug. OK, so that does not make it as a metaphor. Either way, into the next year we can have a fresh start. Specifically, how about choosing a different stock school kids picture instead of making us look at some teenager’s rear end all next year again? Maybe an apple on a desk? Teacher at chalkboard or whatever they use now? Something, anything, please change the picture for next year. Thanks.

    • You mean, you don’t remember each and every one of our yarns? Some people seem to… as far as new graphics for the next round of unforgettable stories, will do. “Mr. News”

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