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NEWS24/680 Foodie Movie: Chops And Tomatoes On A Rainy Day


If you find yourself in need of a quick but tasty recipe for pork chops some rainy evening, give this one a whirl.

From the recipe file of an Italian home chef who took what was available to her and made it into something special. This one fed her many brothers and was a cheap and easy family favorite. It’s all in the seasonings, and you can mix and match to your taste but for her it was fennel, lemon zest, garden rosemary and, of course, smashed garlic slipped inside the “pouch” cut into the side of the chop.

We served it up with some of last year’s pesto and a little pasta just for grins, but it’s usually just the chops and tomatoes, which you can dress with a little olive oil and balsamic if you wish.

Everyone needs some comfort food from time to time. This is one of ours.


    • (Wetting finger and holding it up to the wind) We think mid-week, Thursday. Plenty of time to get to the store… and don’t forget the Chianti.

  1. I won’t drink any bleeping merlot…to quote our confused friend from the movie Sideways, but thanks for the heads up. Note to self: clean stinky gutters Wednesday.

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