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Tick Tock, Tab Hunter Fan – The Rheem Has You On Film, And A Big Movie Screen…


Posted by the Rheem Theater folks on their Facebook page tonight:

“A white male teen, stole the Tab Hunter Hall of Fame tablet yesterday at the Rheem. We clearly have the theft on video tape. You have 24 hours to return it. If the tablet is not returned in 24 hours we will be posting the video on Facebook, in the lobby of the Rheem and playing the crime video before each movie until you are identified…”



  1. And so another young man embarks on a life of crime – graduating from Tab Hunter tablets to James Dean movie posters. All because of a hardcore addiction to Hollywood. Sad.

  2. When they catch the kid, I hope he’s punished to the fullest extent of the law rather than letting his parents buy his way out of trouble as so many parents are apt to do these days.

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