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San Ramon Police Searching For Gas Station Till Tapper

Suspect in two recent gas station robberies in San Ramon.

San Ramon police released surveillance images of a man they say robbed two gas stations in San Ramon recently.

As we reported earlier, he is suspected of taking several hundred dollars from the till of the Chevron gas station at Alcosta Blvd. and Montevideo Drive. He was last seen running west on Montevideo Drive.

If you know who he is, or if you saw anything unusual in this area today, contact Detective Pelayo at 925-973-2760.


  1. Is there any explanation of why surveillance pictures are always so grainy and unreadable? Civil War pictures are clearer. Maybe gas station owners should hire people with old 1800’s box style cameras with the cloth tent attached to take pictures of people coming in. And they could have those trays of magnesium flash powder to set off for light. Poof!! every time a customer comes in. Based on the right hand side picture, I can’t even rule out my dog.

  2. Many smaller businesses can’t afford up to date surveillance systems and camerans and have old systems that record and rerecord over tape that over time makes the images virtually unrecognizable.

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