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Walnut Creek: Hot (Very Hot) Car Alert

Photo: WCPD

Gentle Readers:

The Thanksgiving Weekend is proving to be busy for law enforcement and poor, hardworking folks trying to enjoy the Holiday, apparently.

We received a request for a “Be On The Lookout” from a reader whose friend lost their truck in Walnut Creek this morning, and by that we mean it was taken:

“Hi, not sure if you post things like this but thought I would try to share: A friends car was just stolen from the front of their house (about 20 minutes ago – 8:50 am.). Around Homestead at YVR. If you are driving around and see a Toyota Tundra truck with green logo KW builders please let me know. License plate: 90936FI. Thanks”

If you see this neighbor’s truck please try to keep it in sight and notify the authorities. Don’t be a hero…

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