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Naming Names On Thanksgiving Day


Caught you looking, didn’t we? You saw our title and thought: “Thanksgiving exposé,

But we’re just counting blessings and friends this Thanksgiving Day.

We enjoy what we do here at NEWS24/680, we’re lucky,

news junkies chasing stories and scoops – some call us “plucky.”

Major props for Clarke, Blair, Spencer and Mike,

the staff behind the curtain who bring you what you like.

There are others out there who make our jobs fun,

and without whom most local news would be downright glum.

Kudos to spokes-gents Geoff and Jimmy, Bob and John,

without you guys and your patience we couldn’t carry on.

T-Day blessings to lawmen Bob and Jon, Mark and Thomas, Steve and Eric, Lt. Lanny, the CHP’s Fransen, and San Ramon’s Denton,

and all those who, unfortunately, end up in Quentin.

And then there are the readers, you who matter most,

the ones who call us, when we’re taking too long to post.

You keep us hopping and on our toes, it’s true,

But this thing of ours, this NEWS24-680, is all for you.

So have a great Thanksgiving with those you like most,

and raise a glass for that after-dinner toast.

We’re grateful to you all for your input and insight,

and for making what we do such a delight.


  1. You’re a poet, too! Love it. Thanks for all YOU do to keep us informed locally. Really is a never-ending job but it is very much appreciated!

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