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Lafayette Police Arrest Suspected Appliance Thief In El Sobrante Thursday

Police prepare to tow a car containing stolen goods from the suspect's home. Photo: Lafayette PD

A police traffic stop in El Sobrante turned into something else Thursday after Lafayette police, following up a lead to a man they believed had been stealing appliances and other goods from staged homes in Lafayette and elsewhere, ended up arresting the suspect and discovering a hoard of pilfered goods at his home.

Police Chief Eric Christensen did not say what led them to the man, stopped by police as he was driving in El Sobrante around 10 a.m. Thursday, but he described their meeting as unfriendly.

“He was not happy to see us,” Christensen said.

Police arrested Christopher Forrester, 30, of El Sobrante, and booked him for suspicion of burglary, grand theft possession of stolen property and conspiracy.
“We found all of the property from one victim, most from another,” Christensen said, referencing two Lafayette homes entered and burglarized on Nov. 15 and 17.
A painting stolen from one of the homes and allegedly sold by Forrester shortly after it was taken was also eventually recovered, according to police.

Christensen said officers serving a search warrant at the man’s home discovered electronics and appliances and other items – including an Amazon delivery box snatched from the front porch of one home the day it was burglarized.

“Flat screen TVs. A lot of flat screen TVs,” Christensen said, along with counter top appliances and other items taken during the Lafayette thefts. Police were still taking an inventory of the haul.


  1. There is a Lafayette man who has a thing for going to open houses and cruising through their personal belongings. Very creepy.

  2. Conspiracy suggest others are involved in this. I hope they get them all. I can’t stand these people and wish there were real penalties for what they do. But there isn’t.

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