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Bank Robbing Bonnies Arrested By Modesto Police – With Clyde

Jason Celes, left, and Heather Renee Salcedo. Photos: Modesto PD

Two female bank robbery suspects who allegedly held up a Dublin Bank of America branch in Dublin Monday have been arrested – along with a male colleague – by police in Modesto.

Investigators said they were able to identify the pair, caught by bank surveillance cameras, and obtained search and arrest warrants for occupants of a home in Modesto after news of the theft surfaced. Officers arrived at the home and found an SUV believed used in the robbery attempting to leave the area and attempted to stop it, but the driver accelerated and raced away, according to police.

Officers caught up with the vehicle after the driver lost control and crashed, according to police. Two suspects, 32-year-old Heather Renee Salcedo and the driver, 32-year-old Jason Celes, were arrested at the crash scene. An unidentified 17-year-old girl believed to have been present during the bank robbery was later found in the area and also arrested.

Officers reportedly found cash taken from the bank at the crash scene. Salcedo and the teen girl are both being charged with Monday’s bank robbery, according to police.

Celes was arrested for evading police. Investigators in Dublin are working to identify him as the man behind the wheel of a getaway car used in Monday’s robbery, which took place at the Bank of America branch on Dublin Boulevard at Amador Plaza Road.

Employees said two women entered the business and handed the teller a note saying they knew the employee’s identity and had cohorts stationed at the teller’s residence. They left after taking a little over $6,000 in cash.


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