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Two Homes Staged For Sale In Lafayette Hit By Appliance Thieves


Two homes primped to look their best for possible future sales have been hit by thieves who apparently took a liking to what they saw there, police say.

Two recent thefts from homes that are listed and “staged” for sale in the Springhill/Reliez Valley neighborhoods are believed to have been undertaken by the same thieves.

Police responding to a home on Reliez Manor Court On Sunday, Nov. 15 met with a resident who reported their home had been burglarized during the day. The resident said they had left their home at 10 a.m., to allow the home to be shown to several buyers by realtors throughout the day. When the resident returned, they found the front door locked, theLafAppliances1 interior neat, but two jewelry boxes missing from the master bedroom. The interior was not ransacked and there were no signs of forced entry. The realtors’ lockbox was missing from the front of the home.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, police were called to Leslyn Lane to investigate a similar theft. Officers learned the home had also been shown on Nov. 15, with an open house during the day. The home was closed and locked Sunday evening with the departure of the realtors. When it was checked on Tuesday morning it was found to have been entered by unknown suspect(s). The home was not ransacked, but had been searched by the suspects, who removed appliances, rugs, furniture, and art from the home.

The realtor’s lock box was missing and there were no signs of forced entry having been made to the home. Investigators believe this theft likely occurred on Nov. 15 either prior to or following the theft on Reliez Manor Court.

Due to the size of the articles removed from the home, police said it is likely the vehicle used by the suspects had a large cargo area – big enough to hold appliances. Investigators are asking neighbors in the area who may have seen a large vehicle in the early/late evening on Nov. 15 to report that information to them.

Neighbors in the area are also asked to review their home surveillance systems to see if they caught an image of the suspect vehicle(s). Residents with information are asked to forward that information to our investigators through our tip line at 94549tip@gmail.com.


  1. When our home was being shown, someone stole a cup of change. Weird thing was it only contained pennies. I’d guess less than $5 worth. Hardly seemed worth the trouble. People are strange.

  2. This is awful. They were just trying to sell their homes. There are appliance rings that target homes (online pictures) and sell the appliances on craigslist. We’ve been told by real estate agents that an open house has minimal effect. It benefits the agent (future potential buyers). With homes of a certain value, by appointment only makes sense. You’ll attract serious, qualified buyers and hopefully weed out the thieves.

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