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Sale Brewing For Rheem Valley Plaza Center?


Love it or loathe it the “L-shaped” Rheem Valley Center is a focal point in Moraga, home to several heavily patronized local businesses, a landmark theater bearing the area’s name as well as the town’s sole remaining post office (unless you count the one at St. Mary’s the locals don’t tell anyone about).

In recent days NEWS24/680 has noted the presence of survey crews and others necessary to the future exchange of property around the center and although our official inquiries have been politely rebuffed it appears negotiations for a possible sale of the property are underway.

No one appears ready to talk about it openly but such a deal would, of course, have far-reaching implications for the future of the center and, by extension, the town – as residents have long complained of a “ghost mall” look and feel to the area.

No word on the potential buyer but the 164,169 sq. ft./840-parking-space property, purchased by New York-based Kimco Realty in June of 2010, has been the object of considerable local discussion among locals hoping for a more modern look and feel as well as big name “anchor” stores they would want to patronize on a regular basis.


  1. Give me that new Dover Saddlery you promised, pies from Nations, and maybe a good Pho shop, and I will be a happy camper, riding my Razor scooter atop my lo-boy saddle from Sisi’s café to LP.

    • Ha! Well, Dover is up and galloping. Nations is peddling pies. And while there are no plans for a Pho outlet (that we know of), organic produce and possibly a burrito shop is on the way.

  2. It would be nice to see it get a facelift. Addition of a few well chosen anchor stores, the restaurants mentioned here for years!!!! and maybe something like the Lafayette Boulange would be HUGE! Right now they have the parking for it too.

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