Home Video Alamo Resident Captures Package Thief On Camera

Alamo Resident Captures Package Thief On Camera


A package thief at work in Alamo Thursday was caught – on video, at least – and the homeowner is asking anyone who may know this person to let them know.

From the homeowner:

“We would love help finding this thief. He stole a package
UPS delivered to our front door 11/12. He has a distinct build and his truck is very distinct. This happened in Alamo, Round Hill area, 2:30 in the afternoon. We would appreciate help finding him. Thank you.”

So there you go. Help a neighbor out. The video on our Facebook Page says it all and, as a bonus, the resident attaches a photo of the man’s truck.

Frequent visitors to this site will know how these people work as we have seen a lot of this sort of thing in recent months and we’re certain we’ll see more as all those juicy Christmas packages start turning up on our doorsteps as the Christmas season approaches.



  1. I hope they catch the guy. This is easily preventable if you’re smart with your tracking numbers. Christmas is coming.

  2. This guy is too much….. waddle up to the porch, snatch the package and say ‘hmmmm’ with a sense of astonishment as if it has just crawled up in his arms and off he goes…. don’t these people follow delivery trucks??

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