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UPDATE: Family In Moraga Home Invasion Case Were Targeted


Investigators aren’t saying why they were singled out but they did say the family terrorized in a frightening home invasion-style robbery on Via Granada were not chosen at random.

Sources close to the ongoing investigation into a case which rocked the tiny town when news first broke here Thursday won’t say what led a trio of masked and armed robbers to the suburban home behind Campolindo High School – but did say the robbers took cash, credit cards, jewelry and guns with them when they left.

“(The) key thing for folks to know is that this family was targeted and we have no reason to believe anyone else in Town should be overly concerned about this happening to them,” Police Chief Robert Priebe told NEWS24/680 Friday.

Asked if Moraga’s robbery had been linked to a crime in Danville earlier this week in which a car of similar description to one used in Thursday’s incident was involved and a gun brandished, Priebe said: “We have nothing to indicate a connection to the Danville (crime).”

Police said one of the credit cards taken in the robbery was later used in an undisclosed nearby city and that investigators are following up on that and other leads.

Neighbors contacting this site in the wake of the crime said they were taken aback by news of the incident and characterized the robbery as counter to the suburban nature of the neighborhood.

“Maybe some kids burning rubber, drinking and acting up on weekends,” one neighbor, who requested anonymity, said of the area. “Nothing like this. We saw the police cars going up there and we knew whatever it was had to be serious.”

Police said no one was physically injured in Thursday’s robbery.


  1. $10 says it was drugs and/or drug money. Legalize drugs and make our neighborhoods safer and our bill for police and prisons cheaper. Some will OD and/or ruin their lives. Bummer. Still better than status quo.

  2. OK, so I count two takers for my bet. This does not happen from flashing a wallet or any reason. Drugs or drug money.

  3. Chris, I’ll agree with you that there is a disproportionate amount of home invasions that are drug related, but you can’t paint all home invasions with a broad brush.

    I’m open minded. I have no idea “why.” I wasn’t there, nor do I work for Moraga PD. I haven’t lived in Moraga in years, and I don’t do drugs.

    I’ve only known one person who was a victim of home invasion. A friend of mine in La Jolla. He was targeted because of his wealth.

    Statistically, you’re correct. I’ll leave my $10.00 at OCC. Please spend it wisely….

  4. I’m not buying the drug house theory and think think it’s unfair of pepole to sound off about what this person was doing without some solid evidence. Fact is that people are targeted because of al ot of things — art, gold, jade, guns, things that can be taken and sold quick.

  5. Too early for conjecture. First stories mentioned guns but its safe to say you would find guns in one out of four american homes. Big crime for little Moraga.

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