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So, How’s YOUR Commute Going?


We don’t think we’re telling you anything new when we say it’s tough on our local roads lately, with almost daily accidents and road raging and, sadly, people even losing their lives out there.

NEWS24/680 readers signing up for our Flash Alerts have told us they do so largely for our highway advisories and information about the most recent mishap – so they can avoid the resultant pileups.

And that’s fine. But we’re hearing about car-to-car exchanges with everything from beer bottles to gunfire being exchanged between carloads of travelers not so road weary that they don’t have time to engage their fellow commuters in all types of rolling skirmishes.

Our advisories are usually met with gratitude and a stream of “you won’t believe what happened to me”-stories so we thought we would open this up to readers with accounts of their highway travails. What sort of motorized mayhem, or Good Samaritan stories, have you seen out there lately?


  1. I’ve seen all sorts of dysfunctional behavior. But weasel of the week goes to some creep I saw leaving Orinda BART Wednesday night. He nosed his car toward and almost hit the driver of a little motor scooter because he thought it should be his turn to merge into the traffic and he wanted to be between the scooter and the car ahead of him. He had no “right” to merge into the traffic stream, and pushing around a motor scooter is pure weasel behavior.

  2. I have always mocked my SoCal friends saying I could never live in LA because of the traffic. Little did I know the Bay Area would morph into one giant LA like blob of congestion, ugh!

  3. I was on 680 when two guys got into it. They were rolling along speeding up and brake checking and yelling and one guy stuck his phone out the window to let the other bozo know he was filming and then he dropped the thing. I think 30 cars deliberately ran over it afterward. It’s not commuting any more it’s bloodsport.

  4. I was once behind two guys who got into a fight at a traffic light. They fell onto my car, denting the hood as they fought. It was crazy.

  5. I take it in stride. I let it get to me when I was younger, and thankfully people wise up through the years. Life is too short…

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