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Police Warn Residents About Burglars Disguised As Workers


We’ve been writing for some time about burglars working the 24/680 Corridor who seem able to slip in and out of neighborhoods with relative ease, and who always seem to know when a home is unattended and accessible.

Concord police say these two men, dressed as workers and using a truck to further their appearance as a legitimate pair of working men, have been burglarizing resident’s homes during the day while the owners are at work.

Contact Corporal Blakely at CPD if you have any information on the identities of these men. If you see them, you may want to keep an eye on them and notify police.


  1. We’ve suspected this is how they are doing this for some time. We also noted that a lot of these folks are wearing jawbone devices and appear to be in communication with someone else but how do you know? They could be giving information about a person leaving the home or acting as a lookout. I think it is sad that it has gotten to this point but when you have photographic record of people doing this I think steps have to be taken to protect yourself and your home from them.

  2. Not much of a surprise. Doesn’t take much brains to figure out this is the best route to take if you’re a burglar.

  3. This reminds me of reading the CCT in the 70s as a teen. A white utility truck was making its way through Concord with “orange cones.” They would put cones out, go into homes and garages, and wipe you out, including Christmas gifts under the tree. They operated for a couple of years. I remember telling my parents I hope they don’t make their way into Lamorinda.

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