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Moraga’s Baja Rheem Boulevard May Be Opened To On-Street Parking

A section of Rheem Blvd. from the new town council chambers to Center Street may be opened to on-street parking.

Longtime Moragans who use Rheem Boulevard regularly have noted some odd markings – eerily similar to the profile of a car parked in parallel – on both sides of lower Rheem in recent days.

NEWS24/680 started getting the “what’s up with the stripes?” queries a couple of weeks ago and we can report that city leaders have given the go-ahead to the design phase of a plan to bring on-street parking to both sides of the road from 335 Rheem Boulevard – site of the town’s new council chambers – down to Center Street.

Additional parking may make sense, particularly in an area of town where it is in short supply, but this being Moraga and all people have expressed concern with what opening the boulevard to parking will do to traffic flow – particularly as folks already back up in the left hand turn lane of the boulevard waiting to make the left onto Moraga Road.

In any case the plan appears to be moving ahead, and may give some relief to townspeople who turn out for council meetings and other civic gatherings in the future.

What it does to traffic in the area has yet to be discussed. Any thoughts?



  1. This will back up traffic all the way past the city offices and encourage people to route through the shopping center parking lot.

  2. I am so biased against the council my opinion means zippo. However, I think it is “interesting” to create an artifical choke point of one lane in which drivers can legally stop in the traffic flow of a commuter street, to back up and parallel park. Also I see people just move over into this new so far empty marked lane at 35 mph because it looks like it should be available. A parked car there may come as a big surprise to the front end of a commuter’s car. But as I said, even if the council came out in favor of mom and apple pie I’d still complain somehow.

  3. JD – I posted a comment in your previous article this past weekend about these new painted lines. I also tried to start a discussion on nextdoor.com which I think you are a part of. Only one town council person replied to my many emails about parking on Rheem. The response was that the council person was not aware of travel lanes being reduced by 50%. The fact is one lane in both directions is being turned into on-street parking. I was told plans will be posted to the town’s website shortly. Maybe today. The entire process is a sham. The Town Council assumed they could use the private lots around the new meeting center. Your prior article highlighted that bad assumption and push back from the private land owners. This stretch of Rheem is a busy area around the commute hour. It will be become worse as cars try to parallel park and hold up traffic. Worse, cars making turns across traffic will cause cars behind them to back up. The Town Council person told me Orinda has a one lane downtown and it works fine. I guess. But 50 feet from the one lane Orinda downtown is a major two lane road for thru traffic to bypass the downtown. Our Town Council made a mistake in improving this new Town Center. Parking was deemed to expensive to address in the Design Review Plan from 2014. Further, we didn’t need a Town Meeting Center. We should be using the middle school which has plenty of parking and was a perfectly good venue. Every town I grew up in used the schools to host town meetings.

  4. Saw the marks on the street and tried to imagine cars parked there. I’m not an expert but it seems to me this will jam up traffic in the area and maybe send impatient drivers off Rheem into the movie center parking lot. I also think gym rats like yours truly will park there to keep from getting their cars dented in the 24Hour lot. Just MHO

  5. If approved I would imagine it would make navigating the area more difficult than it can be when it’s busy. People seem to have a hard enough time understanding the yield sign turning right onto Moraga road.

  6. Mike, the Council does not think it needs approval any more than you think you need approval to get a snack out of your refridgerator. Its already been done. They think its their property. And I’m not sure who actually painted the stripes but the quality is low enough it looks like they hired a teenager, gave him a brush, and told him to hurry up because his girlfriend is waiting for him at Tangelos.

  7. Drove through there today and saw the parking spots stenciled on. We tried to imagine entering Rheem Boulevard from any of the side streets with cars parked in those places. I think they would obstruct sight of approaching cars which often travel through the area at high speed. I think that may present a problem too.

  8. Dina, yes its done. I would like to see one of the council members park their car in the east bound lane tonight during commute hour, and see what happens. And have him/her wait IN the car.

  9. Email the Town Manager and Town Council members. Let them know as a tax paying resident that you don’t approve. I’ve sent multiple emails on this topic. The answers they have given are mind numbing. From, “it’s just paint” to “the crosswalk and parking will be an upgrade to “24-hour members and Homemade Cafe customers have asked the town for more parking” to “I’m not aware of a traffic lane reduction”. One Town Council member scolded me for emailing the council on this subject and the person ended the email with “When civilly stated, I take them very seriously”. Them being resident emails directed to council members.

    I believe in term limits for State and Federal offices. 2 terms max and then politicians should be out with no chance of coming back. State and Federal elected offices should not be careers. It eliminates the beuracratic BS and prevents a set of people from imposing their will/subjective opinions. I now believe in term limits all the way down to the municipality level. We have a few elders that have had far too many years dictating how Moraga should look and feel.

    Via Moraga across from the Rheem shopping plaza? 18 houses that are 10 feet apart from each other? Can’t wait until we see the Council approve a traffic light so these new homeowners can get in and out. Might as well add some parking to Moraga Road in front of the development because there is no room in the new development.

  10. Everything can be institutionalized — businesses to big corporations to governments big and small. Change is good and necessary.

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