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Walnut Creek, New York Police Arrest Pittsburg Woman For Theft Totaling $500,000

Photo: WCPD

Police arrested a Pittsburg woman they said is behind an extensive retail theft operation targeting several high-end retailers, charging the woman with taking more than $500,000 in clothes and jewelry from her alleged victims.

Police arrested Lakisha Pettus, 40, at her home in Pittsburg Tuesday, charging her with grand theft in connection with the alleged crimes. Investigators from Walnut

Lakisha Pettus. Photo: WCPD
Lakisha Pettus. Photo: WCPD

Creek, the New York Police Department, and officers from Pittsburg executed a search warrant at Pettus’ home at 9 a.m., taking her into custody at that time.

A firearm was reportedly recovered at the residence.

Pettus was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on a charge of grand theft. Her bail was set at $1 million.


  1. As a liberal, I can’t help but think she was misunderstood. With $500,000 in high-end retail clothing in the garage, was she really caught wearing a $20 house coat from Ross, like my wife might be wearing? That just doesn’t seem right. What kind of discount criminal are you?

  2. While I am very much in favor of the arrest, I am left wondering just what kind of travel budget NYPD has. I count at least 2 NYPD officers apparently making an arrest in Pittsburg CA. If she was booked in Martinez, why are out of state officers apparently making the arrest? I don’t understand. Is the officer with hands on the suspect a local cop? I am guessing so, but the photo did strike me as a bit odd.

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