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Random Act Of Trick Or Treat Kindness Sweeter Than Any Candy

Photo: ECT

Our pals at East County Today, always hunting for a good local story, covered this one over the weekend. We liked it, and share it with you here:

The following story is by Timothy Joe Winn who shares a Halloween Trick or Treat story of kindness for the ages.

He tells us that while he and his non-verbal disabled child were trick or treating on Bethel Island Saturday, they came up to a house where an act of kindness occurred. All the kids said “trick or treat” and the owner passed out the candy. They walked on to the next house, and that house passes out candy, as well.

Winn says that as they were walking off, a man approached and told him: “this is for the wheelchair maintenance” and dropped something into his child’s bag.

The two shake hands and Winn says “thank you and god bless.”

What Winn didn’t realize was that as soon as they start going through the candy, the man had placed a $100 bill in his daughter’s bag of candy.

Kudos to the unidentified man from Bethel Island.

Story developed by our colleagues at East County Today:ECT


  1. Awesome and inspiring!
    I love stories like these versus the fires, robberies, fatal car crashes, Kardashian drama, etc., thanks for sharing.

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