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Lafayette Police “En Fuego,” Keeping Pace With The Bad Guys


Police in Lamorinda have been unusually busy in recent weeks, seeing some aspects of the job not usually expected working a beat in “the burbs” – but that goes with the territory and police are generally trained to expect the unexpected.

We’ve been asked several times of late by people who recognize us out and about and think us blessed by unusual local insight: “how are things going out there, crime-wise?”

We would say, again, that we’re seeing a side of things we don’t normally see here in the 24/680 and for a number of reasons we’ve discussed. Let’s just say that a number of people who voted in favor of Prop. 47 are reconsidering their position in light of recent events.

And, yes, police we talk with from time to time try to refrain from saying: “told you so,” and soldier on in the face of a prolific criminal element. A couple of Lafayette residents expressed appreciation for the work done by their department (hey, we report what we hear from the readership and we don’t carry a badge, so our position remains objective) and we liked how they phrased it – pointing out that Lafayette has been “en fuego” (on fire) in their pursuit of criminals lately.

We’ll say that all the departments are working hard to protect the citizenry and often take sizable risks in doing so. They’re quick to say that’s there job, and they’re right – but people care and want to know what they’re facing.

Here’s a breakdown of calls handled recently by the men and women of the Lafayette Police Department:


  • Oct. 18 – 2:17 a.m., during a traffic stop at Pleasant Hill Rd. and Old Tunnel Road (circumstances and cause for arrest not given).
  • Oct. 23 – 3:33 a.m., during a traffic stop at Mt. Diablo Blvd. and Moraga Rd. (circumstances and cause for arrest not given).

Residential Burglary

  • Oct. 20 – 4:57 p.m., 1200 block of Upper Happy Valley Rd.

Sexual Battery

  • Oct. 23 – 2:46 p.m., 3400 block of Golden Gate Way

Grand Theft

  • Oct. 21 – 11:09 a.m., 600 block of Glorietta Blvd.

Auto Burglary

  • Oct. 18 – 2:50 p.m., 900 block of Dewing Ave.
  • Oct. 22 – 3:55 p.m., 3600 block of Walnut St.


  • Oct. 20 – 11:37 a.m., 1000 block of Windsor Dr.


NOTE: If you see something happening in your neighborhood, hit us up via our Tip Line – you’ll be surprised how quickly we respond.


  1. I voted against 47. There is a good book called “The Tipping Point” that explores how small changes can have a great effect. One of their examples was in the New York subway system. They found that the if they went after any and all graffiti, then not only did they reduce graffiti, but the other crimes fell also. If you allow the culture of not caring by allowing graffiti covered cars, then it seems to make more graffiti and other crimes more acceptable. This Prop 47 reverses that idea by making crime acceptable. Not only are small crimes more acceptable and frequent, other more serious crimes become acceptable and more frequent. Some of the statistics on the increase are interesting. One in particular, in a funny coincidence, has the car burglary rate in San Francisco rising by 47 percent.

  2. Criminals are opportunists. Without an opportunity, this is no crime. Of course it’s getting worse with Prop. 47 (that I voted against). Crime is everywhere, but just because you live in a low crime area doesn’t mean people won’t come into an area worth stealing from. If Lamorinda residents don’t understand this, they have a false sense of security. Like my cousin in Lafayette who doesn’t lock her doors. I hope she comes to the realization that she should.

  3. It’s nice to hear that SOMEONE is keeping up with these guys. We’ve had a bike taken and several car burglaries in our area lately.

  4. It’s the policeman’s basic belief – if you allow a window to be broken and nothing is done the next day two windows will be broken, then 10, and eventually the building will burn. Prop 47 and realignment have shown the bad people that even if they are caught nothing too bad will happen to them. Some of them have been out and back on the street doing the same thing in weeks. And if they know they can find a computer or cash money or a television from a car or house they are going to do it as long as they can. Trust me.

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