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Saturday Night Report: Fire, Gunfire, Sirens – And One Really Big Vacuum


If you managed to sleep through it good for you, but Saturday night in the 24/680 was a raucous one for those within earshot of the party soundtracks and other night sounds that made shut-eye difficult to catch for some.

NEWS24/680 received reports of gunfire or shot-like sounds off Camino Pablo in Moraga shortly before 2 a.m. At least two shots reported by most people and if you heard anything let us know.

People awakened by that noise reported hearing a Giant Whirring Noise not unlike that of a “Really Big Vacuum Cleaner” from the direction of the Moraga Shopping Center and that turned out to be a, well, really big vacuum truck cleaning the parking lot at 5 a.m. Makes perfect sense to us…

Folks in Lafayette reported hearing an alarm screeching around 4:30 a.m. and we believe that sound was traced to Acalanes High, where some doors were found open and the offending alarms going off. We do not know if anything was found amiss, though local police did check.

A little after that, about 5:40 a.m., San Ramon Valley Fire were called on to put out a small but stubborn grass fire on Morgan Territory Road, possible caused by fallen power lines in the area. Spot fires were found under transformer towers in the area of 11625 Morgan Territory Road. The fire was reported to have burned about an eighth of an acre.

Other than that, it was a quiet and restful night, punctuated occasionally by the sound of a screech owl – a sound that puts us to sleep, but was not appreciated by some. Go figure.

How was YOUR night?


  1. Next door neighbor came home happy and crashed into his garbage cans or garage door maybe both but aside from that it was pretty calm.

  2. Neighbors have been talking about late night shots or firecrackers? along CP from JM to CP for a couple of weeks now. Celebratory gunshots? Something else?

  3. At about 11:00 a.m. today, we passed a car vs. bicycle accident on westbound Canyon at Sanders … the bicyclist (presumably) was being loaded on a board to be put in an ambulance. All westbound lanes of Canyon were closed by police.

    • Correct, Drew, the cyclist was initially thought to have been struck by a car but it was determined to be a solo accident/fall. Treated for a head injury and other cuts and scrapes. We reported it as it was happening on our Facebook page.

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