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Morning Report From The 24/680: “Send More Reporters…”


In a crushingly active 24 hours in the 24/680 we’ve seen news of all types break out, and we’ve managed to keep ahead of most of it.

But if we were to borrow from one of songwriter Warren Zevon’s catchiest works: “Send reporters, photographers and money… The news has hit the fan.”

We’ve got some local business news brewing in Moraga, news of a heavyweight strong-arm robbery in Pleasant Hill last night, and a strange account of an encounter at a local church. Through all this were a series of crashes on our surface streets and freeways and legal maneuvering as cities and towns prepare to deal with legal challenges to their past decisions and policies – with the scene being set for even more of the latter as those towns and cities continue to make sometimes contentious decisions.

We’ve noted, and more importantly our readers have noted, some high-profile encounters with a criminal element who have apparently been visiting our area lately.

Long-time readers know that our short form, more informal stories and alerts will surface first on our very busy Facebook page, with long-form articles appearing on the site. Several buttons have been made available to our readers on our menu bar and these were built specifically to expedite your contact with NEWS24/680 and functions that, we hope, will help you do business, spread the word about events crucial to your town, and help us cover all the many things going on in this very busy quadrant of Contra Costa County.

There’s a very small squad of us here at NEWS24/680 and a lot to cover. We’re getting to most of it in real-time and the rest may take us a while longer.

Nice to have you with us.


  1. News 24/680 (JD and the gang). Thanks for all you do. You guys are AWESOME! Around the clock “411” for our communities. My “go to” news source. I hope you continue to grow!

    • Goodness, Danielle… the crew here is moved and thanks you. We hope we are able to meet our goals and objectives, as well. We have plans. Thank you for your continued support, humor, and insight…

      “The Gang”

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