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Sixteenth District High School Video Contest: “There Ought To Be A Law…”


Date(s) – 10/20/2015 – 12/17/2015
12:00 am


Assemblywoman Catharine Baker’s office is organizing a video contest, open to all high school students in the 16th Assembly District, entitled, “There Ought To Be A Law.” The contest winner will have the opportunity to join Assemblywoman Baker at the State Capitol to introduce his or her bill before the California State Assembly in committee and receive recognition by the Assembly.

For this contest, students are asked to identify a problem impacting California that they believe requires a legislative solution, and to propose a bill idea to address the issue. In a short 2 to 6 minute video, contestants will explain the problem that their bill addresses, the details of what their bill would do to solve it, and evidence to support the need for their proposed legislation. Students also have the opportunity to submit an optional—but recommended—essay detailing their proposed bill idea in no more than 1000 words.

For more details about this contest, visit Assemblywoman Baker’s website, here.


  1. How about a $17 fine for any assemblywoman who has a section on their webpage entitled “Federal Governement.” (under Our District)

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