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The Daily Blather: Quake Swarms, Lawsuits, And Moon Barkers


Little stuff. When taken together adding up to something – and drawing our attention.

A Quake Swarm in San Ramon suddenly draws attention as: the Seismic Activity Capital of the World or some such nonsense, few of the recorded temblors strong enough to rattle grandma’s teacups but so many of them (hence the term: swarm) means something – we just don’t know what.

It doesn’t help that several Bay Area TV news types live virtually atop the swarm, making the local coffee shop or shopping center a good – and easy – place for a quick standup from the newly designated “Quake Mecca.”

All this seismic action may be giving rise to a series of bizarre events along the 24/680 – nothing of real note but crazy little things, not “barking mad” crazy as our English friends call the truly insane stuff we see from time to time, but nutty little things: like the naked guy with a crossbow spotted in Orinda; the teen-age door-to-door pot salesmen in San Ramon; the folks loading up on pharmaceutical party favors and taking to our highways.Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 6.57.07 AM

Some heavier stuff, too, expected but still hitting hard – a heavy lawsuit against the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and an Alamo church in the wake of a high-profile molestation case involving a school wrestling coach and pastor; a suspected “SWATTING” call at a San Ramon residence focuses police attention on an innocent home Monday night.

Another example of creative government-speak surfaced this week as “enrichment offerings” appeared in a town communiqué and crinkled our brow, used in context with the planned reciprocal use of school and town facilities by townspeople and students within the village in question. We’re hoping it goes well for all concerned but when terms like that surface we remember how “vibrant” and “robust” and “festive” first appeared – eventually assuming different-than-intended meanings for many.

The "Mega-Mary."
The “Mega-Mary.”

And, perhaps crazier than most tales this week, is just how on earth a random snapshot of a breakfast libation offered at a popular Lafayette restaurant could accrue more than 65,000 views and widespread adoration by an apparently thirsty readership.

Maybe you all just wanted to forget about all the crazy stuff, and concentrate on something that made you feel good. We get it.

See you out there…


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