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Witticisms, Criticisms, And Bon Mots – By The Best Writers In The 24/680 – You!


In a Big Week for NEWS24/680 capped by record user numbers, a milestone for our Facebook page and a really, really big Bloody Mary – we’ve culled a few of our favorite user comments for your consideration.

Our story about a Moraga man’s 70th Birthday celebration resulted in best wishes for the celebrant and questions about the use of amplified outdoor sound systems:


Also widely read, disseminated and commented upon was a short story we did about some prolific but gnat-sized temblors rumbling, as it turned out, under a high school chum’s home in the Crow Canyon Country Club. The story triggered some worry among folks not familiar with earthquakes, and more than one wisecrack about all the seismic shapeshifting:


And then there was our yarn about EBMUD’s list of egregious water wasters – featuring some pretty high-profile names and triggering some real Californian-type anger from folks trying to conserve in the face of enduring drought. Readers came down on both sides of the issue, but they generally came down hard on those among us who tend to open the spigots and leave them open: Soakers


There you have it. Opinions and commentary from the people who matter most around these parts – You! Thanks for writing!

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