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A Bloody Big Bloody Mary – Meet The “Mega-Mary”

The "Mega-Mary."

First, we’re not prone to taking pictures of our food, preferring conversation with our guests. But our friends at Artisan Bistro in Lafayette rolled this beast out recently and judging by the carpal tunnel problems waitstaff are reporting after lugging a steady stream of them out to brunch guests Sunday, we thought it worthy of mention.

This is the Mega-Mary, the brainchild of Artisan chef John Marquez and brought to fruition by a crew of bartenders and chefs who don’t like to see diners leave thirsty or hungry.

Think of it as a Bloody on Steroids, with pumped up garnish and a couple of side plates skewered into an anchoring food group (we can’t for the life of us remember what provides the support for this Tower of Power, but it’s substantial).

And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks – there’s all sorts of breakfast and brunch fare hanging off this concoction; everything from a grilled chili pepper, to a stuffed chicken breast, shrimp, bacon, olive and topped off, improbably, by a miniature but perfectly-adequate-on-its-own burger.


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