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Friday Morning Commute Shattered By Chain-Reaction Accident; Four Injured

Wreckage of a tandem bed gravel truck is hauled off after an accident on Highway 680 Friday. Photo: Paul Wolford

Interstate 680 was closed in both directions Friday after a chain-reaction accident spewed diesel fuel onto the freeway, sparked a grass fire and threw chunks of concrete into oncoming traffic and turned the critical Interstate into a parking lot in both directions.

Four people were injured in the crash, with one reportedly suffering a broken leg after their car struck chunks of concrete thrown into southbound I-680 by an out of control semi truck.

That crash, reported at around 5 a.m. in the northbound direction of the freeway near the S. Main Street exit, tore the fuel tank out of the semi, sparked a roadside grass fire and sent cars traveling behind the semi into a frantic game of “dodge-em” as concrete blocks the size of rugby balls littered the freeway.

Responding fire, Department of Transportation, and CHP officers found themselves in triage mode, putting out the fire and tending to the injured as traffic closed in behind them.

The Interstate was closed to through traffic as workers attempted to remove the big rig and wrecked cars.

“One minute it was normal commute traffic, with traffic maybe a little heavier than usual,” said Marcelino Santiago of Pittsburg. “Then everything went crazy and people were all over the road trying to escape.”