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Help A Neighbor Out – Anyone See A Honda Accord Like This One?

Honda Accord similar to one stolen in Lafayette Tuesday.

This is a comparison photo and not the car in question but a NEWS24/680 reader had their car stolen while parked at the Oakwood Athletic Club Tuesday and they’d like it back, thank you very much.

“We don’t expect to hear much back knowing how popular those are to steal but any info is always helpful!” our reader writes.

He and his wife are looking for their 1997 Red Honda Accord two door lic#3TQH7XX – last two numbers changed to protect privacy of victim) stolen around 2 p.m. while it was parked at the club Tuesday. They’re not sure which direction the thief or thieves headed from there.

If you spot it and want to help a neighbor out keep an eye on the car and call police.


  1. Three days from now you will get a call from the police at night and it will be either in Emoryville or San Pablo. The towing and storage fee will be about $350. The ignition will have been wrecked and the cheapest quote to fix it will be $450. If you do fix it and keep the car, get the Club but do not put it on the steering wheel. They just cut the wheel and slip it off. Put it between the gearshift and emergency brake. There is also a device at the Lafayette Napa auto parts you can have installed on your battery that will easily disable the battery with the minor annoyance of having to open the hood each time you park somewhere you don’t trust. On Amazon its described as a Top Post Battery Master Disconnect Switch by GAMA Electronics. Of course all of this is just general knowledge or a wild guess on my part and its not like I’ve had my car stolen multiple times.

  2. Really sorry it happened and I know it is a pain in the patooty. Sorry.

    Try LoJack? From experience I can say that was the most effective way of tracking and finding my car when it was taken years ago. Police in Oakland found it really quickly and we think the people who took it knew they were being tracked because they left the car in pretty good shape. Alarms don’t work and as the prior poster said they have figured out how to beat the club. I always liked the idea of a track my iphone app for my car.

    Good luck!!!!!

  3. I hope you get your car back. For an older Honda or Toyota, I’d get a Club. A highly visible theft deterrent. A pro will get your vehicle regardless. All you can do is deter the amateurs. LoJack is most effective in vehicle recovery, but the whole idea is to prevent theft. If a car thief has the choice of a vehicle with or without The Club (especially vehicles that are easy targets) he’ll choose the one without. It’s faster and easier. Common sense.

    • Ah, dang. We believe some of our readers may have predicted as much but we are sorry to hear that their predictions came to fruition. Did you happen to find a sizable stash of crack cocaine in the carburetor as one neighbor who had their car taken did? Turned out the thief was living in the car with his pit bull, dealing drugs and generally ‘banging until San Leandro PD caught up to him… Can you save it?

  4. I’m really sorry to hear that. I’ve been luckier than you, then. Mostly they seem to just want to joyride around, go to a fast food place and intentionally leave empty cups and wrappers around as, I guess, a show disrespect or something.

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