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Quake Swarm Rattles Crow Canyon Country Club Wednesday


Not one of them bigger than a 3.0 but there have been about 20 smaller, recorded temblors burbling under the Crow Canyon Country Club in the last 24 hours and, although only a few golf balls were shaken from their tees, the neighbors are raising their eyebrows.

“My neighbor is freaking out,” one NEWS24/680 Reader wrote.

How about you? Feeling anything?


  1. Over concentration of Republicans in golf pants. All that hot gas has to go somewhere.

  2. I hate California. I’m going back to Florida where I can be blown by a hurricane and have my house submerged under 20 foot tides.

  3. No biggee. I thought the Almas Beluga deliveryman had rearended the mobile dog groomer’s van again…..

  4. We had to destroy the country club in order to save it. Sure they got rid of the gophers — they all died from laughing at these clowns.

  5. For about 6 dollars I can buy a trap at OSH and get rid of all my gophers without blowing up my front yard or setting fire to the house.

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