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Gym Rat Thief Exercised Stolen Credit Cards, Police Say, Clients Felt The Burn

Rebekka White. Photo: WCPD

Walnut Creek police say Rebekka White of Pittsburg hung out in gyms a lot, but wasn’t there for the exercise. In fact, other clients “felt the burn” after White allegedly paid the locker room a visit.

Walnut Creek Police Lt. Lanny Edwards said white was arrested in their city on Sept. 29 after allegedly ripping through neighboring towns and cities on a crime spree of sorts.

Edwards said was captured on surveillance cameras after stealing a wallet from the women’s locker room at a Walnut Creek gym Sept. 1. The woman then allegedly used the victim’s credit cards at several businesses in town, according to Edwards, and one of those transactions led to information linking the same woman to an auto burglary in Lafayette where credit cards were stolen.

On Sept. 29, a set of car keys were stolen from inside the women’s locker room at a gym in San Ramon. The female suspect then used the keys to steal the victim’s car, which contained the victim’s purse and credit cards. The woman then drove to Walnut Creek again to go on a shopping spree.WCTheftSuspect

Police said she purchased a $4,800 watch with the victim’s credit card before officers were able to locate her and the stolen vehicle in downtown Walnut Creek and take her into custody. The woman was identified as Rebekka White, 34, of Pittsburg, and she was recognized by officers as the woman in the surveillance photo taken during the crime spree on Sept. 1.

A subsequent probation search on White’s residence located additional stolen property from a commercial burglary in South San Francisco and other likely stolen property and additional victims of identity theft, according to Edwards.

On Oct. 13, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office filed a 12-count felony complaint against White. Her bail is now set at $575,000.

WCPD is working with the owners/operators of numerous local gyms to increase video surveillance, tighten security and heighten awareness with their members, and investigators cautioned residents to safeguard car keys, wallets, and purses while working out at area gyms.


  1. This is happening more and more. Older neighbors just had social security money diverted to a fake account and it could only have been an internal hack. If we’re forced to give information to people and they turn around and use it to steal from us we’re in real trouble.

  2. An obvious repeat offender apparently already on probation for….. let me guess. How long is she likely to get for this batch of crimes? I’d sure like to know.

  3. Plan to eliminate this kind of crime:

    Step 1: Buy bulk meth from Chinese manufactures in 55 gallon barrels.
    Step 2: Leave bowls of free meth on street corners
    Step 3: There is no step 3.

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