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Party For Moraga 70-Year-Old Gets Loud; Police Summoned


Damn kids today.

Only as truth would have it police called on to quiet a boisterous, DJ-driven party on Hazelwood Pl. in Moraga Saturday did not find a rowdy, roiling explosion of teenage hormones upon arrival, nossir, this blast was for a local man celebrating his 70th day on the planet.

More precisely, the septuagenarian in question was enjoying festivities organized by his daughter, who brought in 50 close friends and a “very loud” DJ for the backyard festivities, according to police.

The host was issued an admonition and things quieted down. Reports that the guest of honor was re-creating Don Ameche’s famous breakdancing scene from Cocoon when police arrived could not be confirmed.


  1. Why shut down a house party with an outdoor sound system and not a school with a REALLY BIG outdoor sound system?

  2. Well, he’s more than a year younger than the average Rolling Stone, so I suppose he’s still capable of making some noise….

  3. First – Happy Birthday to the gentleman and I hope he had a good one despite the musical setback. Second – this should open the dialogue into what is a noise violation within town limits. We see and hear these amplified events in our city – Lafayette – all the time and often by the same people and nothing is ever done even though we know people have complained. I know we are talking about our neighbors and their standards are not ours but it would be nice to have some sort of definitive discussion about this because the problem does seem to be getting more acute and those sound systems are getting louder.

  4. We used to party with a boombox and a pinata. Now you have to have outside speakers, smoke machines, bubble machines and bounce houses. It’s noisy and it goes on for several hours. There are bound to be conflicts and neigbhbors who don’t like your taste in music.

  5. Happy birthday! And to his neighbors, join the party next time instead of police dialing and window watching in your pjs.

  6. “Didn’t sound like American music to me…” So? And Marg, you got it right. My neighbors crank the music from time to time. As long as it’s off by 9pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends, I tolerate it just fine.

  7. Lmao it was my Great Uncles birthday. And they called the cops at 5 pm when we were just doing sound checks. And my uncle didn’t try to break dance… ??

    • Well, we hope he had a good birthday. Breakdancing at that age can be a literal experience so we were pretty sure he wasn’t doing any head spins. Nice to have family celebrating the day with him…

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