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Yee-HAW! Walking Dead Premier Ropes Us In For Another Season

A reader's thoughtful husband provided her with a Zombie Protection Charm Bracelet.

More of a Cattle Drive or Great Big Messy Parade than the usual hour of “dodge ’em, bash ’em, bury ’em” fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” may be used to, Sunday’s season debut brought several new elements, new characters, and new questions  into play.

And, since you’re all wondering, of course Michonne nicked one of Morgan’s protein bars – dispatching it with all the alacrity and aplomb her Katana-wielding samurai character could muster while he was having his psychotic break and she was sitting on an ammo crate in the episode “Clear.”

There. Sheesh, now that’s out of the way.

We asked the powers that be here at NEWS24/680 if we could write about the much anticipated Season 6 Premiere of WD and, after they put down their warm milk and bedtime cookie, they said okay – probably linking Walking Dead with some boring political commentary on the state of the Republican Party and giving us the green light before shuffling off to make nighty night.

For those of us able to stay up for this show the wait was well worth AMC’s gentle but persistent build-up. The film buff in us appreciated the film noir time line differentiation, with the story jumping back and forth from black and white to startlingly clear, bloody color as Rick and the Gang discovered why the survivalist snobs of Alexandria had managed to keep from being overrun for so long – through no actual effort of their own.

See because while Deanna and Redge were hosting their go-bag cocktail parties, Jessie opened a Super Cuts while her surgeon-husband alternately saved lives and used her as a punching bag, every Zombie within 50 miles of Alexandria was falling into a rock quarry where they gathered and decayed and eventually gathered in sufficient number to push their way out and head for – the untapped Alexandria Buffet.

In the black-and-white backstory Rick’s grizzled crew of Veteran Zombie Bashers set to work training the pantywaists-who’ve-lived-in-spite-of-themselves in the ways of efficient Zombie herding and culling and, apparently, blowing up helium balloons – which were scattered liberally through last night’s episode. Whaaat? There’s time for balloon blowing in the Zombie Dystopia?

We were also treated to some good Ole Fashioned Face Chewing on actor Ethan Embry, who had another name we can’t remember for last night’s premier but who will always be bassist T.B. Player in the Family Hanks’ production of “That Thing You Do!” Remember him?

But things go really, really wrong and even General Rick’s best-laid plans go awry and even Morgan’s newfound stick fighting skills can’t help when someone – Rebel? Wolf? Enid? – starts blowing a Zombie-Attracting horn that turns the herd in Alexandria’s direction. Hyah, haw… keep those Zombies, movin’…

So, another hour and a half of pretty entertaining TV and layered plots and sub plots and now we’re all back at work until next Sunday, when we find out if we’re going to be treated to an episode of “Rick’s Last Stand” or “Run For Your Lives! There’s Zombies In the Sun Room!”


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