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O, It Came Out Of The Sky, Just A Little South Of O-Rinda


Apologies to Creedence Clearwater but their title seemed appropriate for some meteorological activity in our skies tonight.

NEWS24-680 is logging reports of a “bright light in the sky,” and “flaring star or comet” over Lamorinda.

No word on where it landed, if it wasn’t burned to the size of a charcoal briquet – but if you happen to know, let us know, will you?



  1. Wait a minnu….. hole in my roof…. strange tracks through the living room. Refrigerator open…. it’s ET!

  2. My dogs were acting crazy about this time in Pleasant Hill. I went outside to get the dogs and it smelt funny… Almost like someone BBQing but it wasn’t food. Now reading this, I wonder if something landed nearby. #nojoke #itmakessence

  3. I always miss the cool stuff. What was I doing? Oh yea taking care of three kids a husband and a house. No time for meteors for me.

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