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Attempted Robbery At Orinda BevMo Nets Empty Bag For Gunman


Orinda police answered a call for help from a patron in the Beverages and More parking lot at 6 Camino Pablo Friday afternoon after an armed man reportedly approached the patron while he sat in his car, brandished a weapon and snatched a bag from the interior of the car.

Officers said a black man in his mid-20s approached the patron shortly before 2 p.m. Friday. The gunman reportedly displayed a black semi-automatic handgun, snatched the  bag from the interior of the car and displayed the gun again to witnesses in the area.

The bag was empty, according to its owner.

The gunman fled back to a blue Toyota with the empty bag and fled before police could arrive.


  • Black male, short hair, mid-20s, 5′ 7″ tall wearing a navy blue long sleeve shirt. Teardrop tattoo above his eye.
  • Weapon: Black semi-automatic pistol


  1. I’m glad the bag was empty, but armed robbery is still scary, whether or not there is financial gain. A teardrop tattoo is scary as well. Has he been in prison, or worse yet, killed somebody? With a male victim, you would think he would demand a wallet. Good thing he didn’t.

  2. You can have my empty 40 ouncer when the guy with the teardrop tat pries my cold, frostbitten fingers off of it……

  3. Apparently our neighbor drive through there just as it was happening. She senses soomething was different but kept going. she just found out about what it was here. Skeery.

  4. alice your neighbor should have called police right away. That’s the problem, too many think it’s all ok when it isn’t. He could have been caught.

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