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Update From LPD: NEWS24/680 Crime Lab Team Chalks Up A Win

The Orinda City Council approved installation of additional security cameras Tuesday. Photo: File

Regular readers know that we occasionally bring a Real World BrainTwister to our pages for everyone to puzzle over, generally because we know we have a bunch of way smart readers and because we like to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Recently, we brought an actual CSI puzzler to the readership, asking you to identify some blobs of light – a screen grab of a mystery car taken from a video camera at night – and come up with the type of car as it played a central role in a recent local burglary.

In a process that was fascinating to watch you homed in on the ID, with readers getting closer and closer until George March did some fancy Hollywood computer work and pinned down the ID: Range Rover.

The following is from Chief Eric Christensen at LPD:

“…because of the work your readers did, we were able to find the VIN (vehicle identification number) and then find records associated with the VIN. That led to the car being found as having been taken from a residential burglary from Alamo.  The car was seen in Martinez after the residential burglary and our auto burglary…”

Home run by George and Chief Christensen will be deputizing him sometime in the near future but there are still a few loose ends to pull together and that is happening but we’ll wait for the conclusion of this story to unfold and bring you up to date when it does.


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