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Zingers, One-Liners And Insight From The Best Readers In America – You!


One of our greatest joys here at “The Numbers” is hearing from you, our readers, and you didn’t disappoint us this past week, sharing your humor and insight in comments posted to our stories. Let’s get to it – here are our candidates for your “Comments of the Week:”

In our story about Richmond residents complaining about some power Polka reaching their shores from a San Francisco Oktoberfest celebration:Polka



And then there was a short tale about an advance guard of so-called “Killer Bees” bypassing the cooler climes of San Francisco and settling in Lafayette:Bees1



And: Bees2 Bees3



On a short Facebook post about a Sorority Selfie Frenzy captured during a recent baseball game:Churro

On a recent burglary in Lafayette, and police attempts to track the thieves: LeroyBurg

On a worried call to Orinda police about a wandering Corgi:Corgi

On pilots aboard a passing jetliner complaining about a laser pointer aimed skyward during an astronomy lesson at St. Mary’s College:Laser

And, lastly, reader commentary on the time it took us to approve a reader comment:TimeUnit


Nanoo, nanoo, Earthlings. Over and Out!


  1. Yeh pretty good. Ok –
    1 Jared – because of the satiric commentary on local housing prices.
    2 Alice O – because I thought the same thing
    3 Dave – good one and I would have moved it up but I like corgis!

  2. The best thing about the comments…….people keep it civil. It’s a breath of fresh air at News 24/680 compared to what you’ll find online. Things are “subject to change”…….

    • If that’s a compliment, Danielle, we’ll take it! We like language and using words effectively and we like that our readers do, too. Thanks for writing!

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