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Lafayette PD Requests Assist In Finding Leroy Way Burglars


Lafayette police are asking homeowners along Happy Valley Road, North or South Peardale Drive and Leroy Way to review their home camera systems or use old-fashioned memory power to come up with any information that might lead them to the thief or thieves who ransacked a home on Leroy Friday afternoon.

As in past burglaries chronicled here, the perpetrators of Friday’s thievery worked swiftly – striking a home in the 3900 block of Leroy Way while the owner was out of the home between 11:10 a.m. and 2:37 p.m.

Investigators said – as in other burglaries – the thieves made entry from the rear of the home, smashing the glass of a French door and searching for items inside. The suspects removed property and fled the home before the owner returned.

Police believe the suspects likely accessed the home and the neighborhood by using Upper Happy Valley Road and North or South Peardale Drive. They are asking residents to review camera footage of those approaches for sign of suspicious people – perhaps approaching homes asking for directions – or cars.

Residents with information are asked to email the PD tip line at 94549tip@gmail.com or their dispatch center at (925) 284-5010.


  1. There are cameras all along that route. Its hard for me to believe that these people are able to slip in and out of our neighborhoods without attracting attention. This happens a lot apparently.

  2. I wish all neighbors would watch out for each other (good neighbors do), but reality is most people are at work during the day. Cameras help, and so do retired, stay at home Mom’s and people working from home. The more eyes, the better. We’re all at risk for burglary, regardless of how cautious we are.

  3. Police have been catching these people lately. But they keep coming. All we can do is keep catching them and sending them away.

    • Several folks have made that point, Tom. We think the police are just looking to cover this from every angle and are looking for additional views.

  4. Sad thing is that with prop 47 passage all they get is slap on the wrist and are home for dinner.
    There are no real consequences if caught it seems.

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