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Africanized Bees Bypass The City – Settle In Suburbia


An Africanized breed of honeybee which we can attest from firsthand experience is a hair-triggered critter with a wallop of a sting has apparently settled in the Reliez Valley – like so many others of us looking for a warm, semi-rural place to settle down.

Researchers tracking the bees, which have been known to swarm and make the lives of anyone trespassing near one of their colonies a living nightmare, have found a few scouts in Lafayette and say it’s possible there’s a colony – or two – nearby.

Experts have been predicting the arrival of the temperamental hybrids in California for some time but the recent collection of bees in Lafayette is the first indication they have made it so far north. Our current drought condition, melittologists say, is probably an attraction for the so-called “Killers” as they tend to do well in dry conditions.

Despite their fearsome name and reputation, experts say the likelihood of random attacks on humans is rare unless someone stumbles upon an active colony and disturbs it – in which case it would be wise to run like the wind, and get safely indoors as quickly as possible.


  1. We had one of those airator guys come through and use his machine on the lawn and he hit some sort of underground hive because they – yellow jackets?? – came piling out and chased him to his truck. If these guys are worse hope no one runs into them.

  2. I haven’t been able to see anything but Belushi since the whole killer bee thing first came up and they started doing those SNL skits.

  3. “Africanized” or “Killer” bees? Which is it? Speaking as a liberal, I think that they are simply misunderstood. In any case, put up your massive net, it will not stop them. Not even your Trump net of gold.

  4. One of the fascinating aspects of climate chan…… of whatever you want to call what appears to be happening to our weather patterns and oceans carries far reaching implications for us and bears watching. If there are any bears left to watch that is. the movement of species into areas previously inhospitable to them appears consistent with predicted changes in our climate and appears to be here to stay.

  5. The Mayor of South Miami notes that at high tides, sometimes salt water floods the streets from storm drains…Hello? Is anyone home? Jeb?…Marco? Are all of your children planning to live elsewhere and work for Big Oil or at a T-shirt concession?

    T-shirt concession in South Florida…”Flooding happens!!”

    What? We don’t know.

  6. one i.n.t.e.r.g.a.l.a.c.t.i.c. t.i.m.e u.n.i.t two i.n.t.e.r.g.a.l.a.c.t.i.c. t.i.m.e u.n.i.t.s…
    I’ll check back for my post in one earth revolution.

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