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The Road Ahead – What Will Become Of Us?


It’s a guessing game we play often as the landscape of our lives changes seemingly overnight. We’re watching the power of old networks fade, new models spring up – new ways of doing business emerge, and rising discontent with politics, our politicians, and big business among those who share our planet.

There’s room enough for a lot of concern with whole countries crumbling under the weight of unceasing war and poverty, and old borders fading from the maps as the power of despots wane and governments cease to exist and the future for millions boils down to finding a place where they are not being bombed daily and can find something to eat.

Harsh images of the abruptness of these changes and our inability to adapt to them fill our chosen airwaves or digital news resource in real time – with individuals and political candidates quick to politicize the issues before us.

Some very smart people with insight into our problems and the logistics of change are attempting to plot our course as a people, as a race, and come up with an idea of what the future has in store. We could opine, but we think you may not want to hear from us and, frankly, we’d rather hear from you.

What’s the 24/680 going to look like in 30 years? Will things be better, or worse for us all? You tell us.




  1. Donald Trump will make it to the white house and declare himself CEO In Chief. Treasury will be bankrupt six months after after he takes office but he’ll write himself a check or sell off a casino to keep the country going another six months. An overhaul of our armed forces will end with the Trump name on all Hummers, Tanks and Helicopters. He will name the lion killing dentist secretary of the interior and put a bounty on all remaining endangered species. He will name the little Gorden Gekko wannabe who hiked the price for his companys drug by 1000% his economic advisor. Americans will go to work for the six months it takes to put up our new Southern Wall and then he will build the Canadian Wall to keep their ideas about health care from seeping across the border and ruining Big Pharmas chances to screw dying people out of their last dollar. Americans will work for another six month at least. He will turn the Immigration Department over to Russian Brides 4 U so he can continue to have a steady supply of wives with good cheekbones and limited english skills. The 1 percent will have really really big houses but won’t be able to leave them because the poor will hunt them down and take their women – more of those Russian brides I mentioned. The rich will have really really big cars but won’t be able to drive them any more because the roads are clogged with broken down out of gas smart cars abandoned by the poor after they ran out of gas or their batteries died. Our Fearless Trump will name the disgraced Volkswagen CEO his Energy Director because he won’t make any attempt to hide the fact that emissions standards don’t mean a thing to them. Other than that things will be fine. Trust Trump – he has great ideas.

  2. Except for some prominent local landmarks I think it will be virtually unrecognizable from where we are today.

  3. As long as politicians do not manage to make major changes in an attempt to make things better, then things will be better.

    As for Trump, he’s a joke. But, at the same time, I’d rather have a slightly delusional straight-talking pragmatist with market experience than an even more delusional utopian dreamer WITHOUT free market experience. I prefer offensive jokes with a seed of truth over sweet sounding lies.

  4. Seems like for the last few elections, regardless of the politics and beliefs, the candidate you would most like to have at your house for a backyard BBQ wins. I did not vote for Obama, but I’d much rather have had him at my backyard BBQ than the other choice(s). For the current election, several of the candidates would not get past my front door. If Huckabee showed up, I’d borrow the neighbor’s German Shepard to chase him down the street. Of the current possibilities, I’d choose Trump as the most interesting to talk to, so for the backyard BBQ test, he wins.

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