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What Do People Steal In Moraga? Phones, Bikes… A Car


We’ll forego the usual refrain of weekend bacchanals in the usual places around town and concentrate on things that get taken in this town.

High on the want lists for those who purloin is anything electronic but especially cell phones. Then two-wheeled transportation and, after that, the motorized kind.

But lest you think we’re all about the negative allow us to start this week’s entry off with some good people doing good things:

On Sept. 12 a Nice Moraga Person found a necklace and cross at the Moraga Commons and turned it in at Moraga PD in the hope police could return the jewelry to its rightful owner. So far, no dice, but it’s the thought that counts and a NEWS24/680 thumbs up to this person.

Not So Nice…

Someone entered the side gate of a home on Lakefield Place on sometime between 5 p.m. Sept. 15 and 11:42 a.m. Sept. 19, making off with a bicycle the resident kept stored there. The value of the bike was put at $350.

… And Again…

On Sept. 19, police were called by a resident on Paseo Bernal who reported that someone had entered her garage and made off with her bike, this one valued at $500. No suspects.

iPhone Is iStolen…

An angry mom called local police to report that her son’s iPhone was taken sometime during an event at Campolindo High School on Sept. 20 and that they weren’t taking the loss lying down – using the phone’s location ap to trace it. That worked, and they were able to determine that the phone is somewhere in an apartment complex in the 2100 block of Donald Drive. Hmm. The investigation, as police like to say, is continuing.

Another Apple Taken… In L.A.

A man contacted Moraga police after losing his iPhone to thieves in Los Angeles. On Sept. 21, he told police here that using the phone’s locater he was able to trace the device to three locations in Los Angeles but that police there weren’t able to help him beyond that. Moraga police may not be able to do much from here but they heard him out.

… And A Stolen Car

On Sept. 22 police were notified that someone had stolen a car from an apartment complex on Miramonte Drive. Police said the car – for which no description was give – was entered sometime in the late evening or early morning and that no force was used to get inside. The car was entered into the law enforcement database for stolen autos.



  1. I guess we’re fortunate to have less crime in Lamorinda than average, but I’ll never understand why people steal phones. Like they can’t be tracked down, and the service disconnected. I hope everyone has their items returned. Wishful thinking…..

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