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Iron Horse Trail Assault Leaves One Hospitalized; Alamo Teen Arrested


UPDATE: Investigators said the victim in this case was headed home on the trail when he encountered the suspect. They believe that words were exchanged between the two but add that they are still actively investigating the case. All involved have been identified, according to police.

Here’s the version of events just released by the Danville police department:

A weekend fight in the parking lot of San Ramon Valley High School adjacent to the Iron Horse Trail resulted in a Danville man being hospitalized and a juvenile facing charges in the incident.

Police Chief Steve Simpkins said officers were dispatched at 11:49 p.m., Saturday, September 19, 2015 to the rear parking lot of San Ramon Valley High School next to the Iron Horse Trail on a report of a fight. Officers located the victim, a 39-year-old Danville man, in the area where the fight occurred. The man had been injured in the altercation and required immediate medical care. He was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

During their investigation, Officers located a 16-year-old Alamo juvenile who was involved in the altercation. The juvenile was taken into custody and charged with battery causing serious bodily injury. He has since been released to his parents as is standard procedure with juvenile crimes.

The incident remains under investigation; anyone with further information on the incident is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Brian Sliger at (925) 314-3700 or Bsliger@danville.ca.gov.


  1. A lot happens on the trail at night we adults know nothing about. I have found all sorts of strange leftovers from the prior night on my walks. Will there be more arrests?

    • Morning, Kaye. Our information is that this was a chance encounter, that one party objected to something the other was doing in some shape and form and that the teen initiated the assault…

    • Hello, “ip:” We do not believe this was a mutual combat scenario and believe the teen initiated the assault. We do not know specifically what was said to trigger the assault.

  2. Wow. A slip and a head injury away from a manslaughter charge. The boy was lucky the man was not seriously hurt.

  3. hmmm; let’s see what comes out of this before I make a definitive judgment; from what I’ve read on other sources there were 5 to 6 total perps involved in this incident. Depending on the severity of the injuries and the circumstances leading up to this incident maybe the DA can step up and charge these perps appropriately as adults. Easiest way to find out what happened; offer the first one to turn a juvie sentence/court and prosecute the remaining 4/5 others as adults. Someone will turn fast.

  4. As someone who walks that trail regularly I’d really appreciate any information or speculation on this:

    1. There are two rear parking lots. Did it occur at the one by Love Lane or the one by Del Amigo Road?

    2. Who was the party that objected to something? It makes a difference if the attacker initiated everything or if the bicyclist originally had some problem and confronted the attacker.

    3. Is there any word on whether 5-6 people were involved in the attack as some are speculating on Facebook?

    Thanks for any info.

  5. It doesn’t take much to trigger someone today. I hope the victim heals and that there is appropriate justice for the batterer.

  6. Fair and balanced report. It would be interesting to know what was said. Put down that spray can…. I have seen teens surround a man who asked them to stop swearing. It will be interesting to see what set this kid off.

  7. Extremely disturbing. I realize he’s a teen but a harsh lesson needs to be taught here. It might save him problems later in his life.

  8. Horrible “reporting” job here. It is more than rumored that the “Man” is very well known local bar patron who is hot headed and gets violently drunk.. Reputable Jounalistic sources report that words were exchanged between the adult and the teens, the adult approached the teens, the teens identified themselves as minors and the man aggressively approached closer. It is further reported the single 16 year old assaulted the adult when he felt in danger of his own safety. The Adult’s family took to Social Media in attempt to skew opinion and it worked for awhile. As the true facts came out, the family members friends scrubbed their comments and erased the pages. They were getting called out by locals who knew the man and how he typically behaves! “Drunk adult male argues with children, approaches them on school grounds and child has to defend their safety” just doesn’t get the same reaction as “Iron Horse Trail Assault Leaves One Hospitalized; Alamo Teen Arrested” does it??

  9. Were you there Bill G? I’m not seeing much of a differentiation in your “version” of events and what was reported…… Did you see it? Related to any of the principles? Reading between the lines when this first came out the scenario you suggest appeared to be allowed for.

  10. I believe this site was openly suspicious of the social media posts accompanying this incident and said so from the beginning. when I saw the story it was obvious they played it pretty much by what they could get from police. I frankly think your post is an attempt to spin the story in the other direction, which is the way things are done these days. But I’ll agree I’m as suspicious of your post and position as I am of the posts we saw attached to this story when it first came out. It was pretty obvious why they were spun initially, now I’m wondering why you would attempt to spin it. Just saying…..

  11. @BillG – Horrible post. You’ve labeled a man a town drunk and a violent one who attacks young people at that. Cite your sources if you have information you want to share in this thread.

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