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Couple Walks Away From Byron Plane Crash With Minor Injuries

Photo: Jon Patrick Fisher

As first reported on our Facebook page, just after 5 p.m., the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District received multiple reports of a plane crashing into a field between the Town of Discovery Bay and Byron.

IMG_5901Original reports had the plane crashing in a field near Discovery Bay Blvd & Highway 4, however, emergency crews had a difficult time locating and accessing the crash due to the relatively remote area of the crash.

Access was finally made a quarter mile past the Byron Cafe via a dirt road where crews traveled nearly 4-miles to the crash scene.

According to ECCFPD Battalion Chief Brian Helmick, the two passengers, a male and female, sustained minor injuries after self extricating themselves from the crash site. The injuries were described as a couple bruises and scratches as the plane lay on its roof in a field.

FireIMG_5887 crews and AMR looked over the passengers who did not need to be transported to a local hospital. Firefighters then turned over the scene to the Sheriffs Office.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said the small airplane had a mechanical problem causing the engine to fail, however, they were still investigating.

Story developed by our colleagues at: EastCountyToday.



  1. My uncle did this three times and came away smiling every time. But the family always said he was a little potty.

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