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“See What The Boys (And Girls) Down In The Crime Lab Will Have…”

The Orinda City Council approved installation of additional security cameras Tuesday. Photo: File

Proving yet again that NEWS24/680 readers are discerning and hyper-intelligent in their choice of local news sites as well as lots of other things – one of the gang down in our crime lab came through in a big way for Lafayette PD over the weekend.

Many of you know that we post video or screen grabs of cars used in local crimes from time to time, relying on your collective cranial and automotive powers to “crack the case” and fill in critical gaps.

Chief Eric Christensen requested specific make and model information about this car, a blurry smear of brake lights taken from a surveillance camera in pitch darkness. And it took you all of about, let’s see, 30 seconds to take up the challenge and a little longer for George (we’ll leave it at that for now out of consideration for his potential need for privacy) to take the photo and create an overlay that pretty much detailed everything about the car used in the crime but the color of the pin-striping on the upholstery.

Chief Christensen said all of George’s hard work confirmed information developed by investigators so far and advances their case immeasurably. Allowing us to interpret the cop talk a little, he let us know the investigation is still active and not everything can be released in detail, but that George’s work was both impressive and appreciated.

“… the ID was in line with other info we had developed about the case,” the chief said Monday. “(And it) fits in with all the other puzzle pieces…”

We’ll have more when and if things coalesce and the investigation comes to fruition but, for now, we’d be pleased to offer George a gratis NEWS24/680 Crime Lab ball cap for all his hard work and we hope everyone who played had some fun playing armchair detective.

For those of you who wonder about local police bringing some of their stickier identifications to the readership (and local citizenry affected by these crimes, by the way) allow us to include a favorite clip from one of our favorite movies. It demonstrates the work load on evidence technicians and crime labs pretty well, if comedically.


  1. That clip is a crackup. Leads!! I’ve had my car taken twice and it took me about 5 secs to realize Five Oh was handling dozens of similar cases and was pretty much overwhelmed. Hope they catch these people. Fancy computer work by George.

  2. Seems more bad guys started being caught in BMWs. Now, they have moved up to Range Rover? I suppose next they’ll have a Chyrsler stretch limo with champagne holders and interior strobe lights.

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