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Lafayette’s Hans Florine Takes El Capitan By The Nose – For The 100th Time


Lafayette’s resident rock hound Hans Florine celebrated the 125th anniversary of the nation’s national park system by taking the Nose Route up El Capitan for the 100th time – taking a couple of newbies with him to heighten the experience.

Florine, 51, started his latest ascent on Thursday and summited with writer Jayme Moye of Colorado and Fiona Thornewell, of London, some 3,000 feet later – on Saturday.


Florine said he brought the relative newcomers along because he wanted to re-live the Big Wall experience through their eyes. Owner of a Concord rock climbing facility, Florine also holds the record for speed-climbing El Capitan’s Nose Route in two hours, 23 minutes, and 46 seconds, an ascent made with fellow climber Alex Honnold on June 17, 2012, according to the National Park Service.


Florine said he intends to return to Yosemite next weekend for the park’s “Facelift” event, a volunteer cleanup effort undertaken each year after the busy summer season.


  1. Wow. I’m going to stick with sport drinking and above ground pool wading Alex. Leaving the mountain humping to the real men.

  2. Next week I’m climbing the steps to Chez Panisse. I’m celebrating our anniversary. But I won’t be doing it in record time. I’m going really slow.

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