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Anyone Seen This San Ramon Race Car? Owner Wants It Back!

Have you seen this car? Or the people who took it?

This is a first:

“At approximately 2:00PM this afternoon (9/8/15), my dad’s (Mike Chadwick) Ford truck (License plate 6H42545), racing trailer (License plate 4BD6775) as well as his beloved racecar and all contents within the trailer was stolen right from in front of my parent’s house in San Ramon!

“This car is my dad’s lifelong passion and love and we want so badly to recover it for him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this post with all of your friends and ask that they re-share for you!

“The pictures attached show my dad’s trailer and racecar as well as his gold Ford pickup truck with the THIEF driving off in it. The silver or pale blue BMW is what this group of 3 THIEVES drove up in. The neighbor snapped the photos as the property was being taken BUT DIDN’T THINK TO CALL 9-1-1 even though they looked “VERY SUSPICIOUS”.

These THEIVES have a good 2.5 hour start on the San Ramon PD. PLEASE SHARE! Any information you may have can be shared with the San Ramon Police Department – (925) 973-2635 (Ofc. Gardner). The report number is: 15-2624, 2625, 2626.”

This is from Kristin Ann Radke. If you can help her or her dad recover their car, you’ve got the digits…

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