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Moraga Thunderball Run; Enthusiastic Ponging, And A Tandem Death


Every small town has its dramas and its back stories, and Moraga is no exception. The police are often the first to come across these minor tales – here are just a few encountered this week:

Bikes And Needles

Officers were called downtown after a person reported what they thought was a stolen bicycle in the hands of two people, a man and a woman, they didn’t recognize. The couple were stopped by police and in the course of that talk it was determined that both parties had a warrant condition giving officers permission to search them. Hypodermic needles were found and seized and the woman was issued a citation with a promise to appear. The bike, it turned out, had not been stolen after all.

Beer Pong Bust

Police were called to Camino Peral on Sept. 5 after neighbors reported a boisterous party in the area, arriving to find some kids playing beer pong in the driveway of a local home. A Noisy Party admonishment was produced and signed by the participants, who moved the game inside to avoid future complaints.

Putting Moraga In The Rear-View Mirror

On the early morning hours of Sept. 9, on a normally quiet shift in normally quiet Moraga – and as noted on the NEWS24-680 Facebook page at the time – an officer fell in behind a grey Nissan Versa, or possibly similar compact, in the 300 block of Rheem Blvd., noting that the car had no license plates. The driver turned onto Moraga Way and quickly accelerated to 80 mph with officers close behind, taking it up to 100 mph and a needle mark more when he hit westbound Highway 24. Officers followed the car until it left the highway at Broadway Terrace and they suspended the pursuit out of concern for public safety.

Two Dead On Donald Drive

Later that day, a citizen contacted police to report that he’d just found his 60-year-old sister and her 65-year-old boyfriend dead in their residence. Lt. Jon King said the department is not releasing the names of the subjects, pending notification of the next of kin. There does not appear to be any signs of foul play or traumatic injury involved and the cause of death is pending investigation by the Contra Costa Coroner’s office.


  1. Sarah, I would venture to say that a lot more people are going +80 mph on Hwy 24 with out the chases or at least that is my impression whenever I get home later from work and after the commute starts to break up. It seems like everyday from the time I leave the tunnel and hit my exit at Pleasant Hill there has been at least one car going way to fast and weaving traffic. That and a few more road rage instances.

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